Website [pre]design for do-good organizations

planning sketches

We make websites... better.

We work with you to make sense of the user needs, stakeholder requirements, technology, content, politics and people that play important roles in the development of really big, complicated websites. There’s a lot more to a website than the way it looks. We’re here to help you sort it all out.

How we do it...

  • Research

    • Benchmarking studies
    • Needs assessment
    • Market/ audience research
    • Usability testing
    • Web analytics analysis
  • Strategy

    • Strategic planning
    • Content strategy
    • Website governance
    • Organizational change mgt
    • Project management
  • Architecture

    • Information architecture
    • Content modeling
    • Taxonomy development
    • Systems integration analysis
    • Wireframes & storyboarding
  • Education

    • Customized consulting
    • On-site workshops
    • Webinars & presentations
    • Online training & courses
    • Whitepapers & blogs

Who we are...

  • J. Todd Bennett

    Managing Partner

    It says a lot about Todd that one of his favorite artists is Georges Seurat, the 19th century French painter whose masterpieces consisted of thousands of tiny dots that came together to form a coherent whole. Todd approaches his work in much the same way, relying on meticulous research to first envision a creative outcome and to then put in place the components and processes that will be needed to achieve it. He is that rare combination of a big-picture person who’s also fanatic about details, and who understands how the latter gives shape to the former.

  • Adam P. Forrand

    Managing Partner

    Adam Forrand is a master of relationships. It’s a skill that enables him to sit down at an initial client meeting and come away with a clear sense of who everyone is, where they’re coming from, and what their goals are. It’s a skill that helps him use that knowledge to map out ways that various and often competing needs just might fit together in a client’s website. And it’s a skill that mixes well with Adam’s abundance of creative energy, leading to innovative solutions to meet those needs. And with Adam, an unrepentant optimist who says “opportunity” a lot, there is always a solution. Always.

What’s in a name?

library card catalog

Walk into a library with millions of volumes and it is easy to find what you want. We work hard to provide this experience and more for your target audiences. The “decimal” in our name is an ode to one of the earliest content classification systems, the Dewey Decimal System, which helped make libraries more usable. And the 152? That’s the Dewey classification for the field of psychology representing “perception, movement, emotions & drives”.

decimal152: We create websites that are easy to use and motivate visitors to take action.